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"How To Attract More Customers: Learn The 'Buy Now Triangle' Method"

Learn How To Appeal To A Wider Audience & Make More Sales With An Education Based Approach To Sales

By Michael Maven

It's important to understand how a potential customer or prospect becomes a customer in your business.

When you understand how this happens, then you can set up certain conditions to maximise on this.

That can actually attract more customers to you and set your business apart from your competition as well.

The 'Buy Now' Triangle - Get In Early & Turn Prospects To Customers Much Faster

Take a look at the diagram below. It's called the buy now triangle.

The triangle represents all people. The colours show how hot a person is for buying any product at any time.

Purple/Blue means they are not interested at all. Red/white means they are very hot to buy, and they are interested in buying right now.

The 'Buy Now' Triangle: Represents the total audience for your product. Increase sales
by moving a group up the triangle until they reach the group 1 (G1) category. Then
they'll 'want to buy now'.

You can see G1 (group 1) at the top. It represents the 3% of all people who are interested in buying a specific item right now.

For example, 3% of all people will be interested in:

  • Buying a car right now.
  • Buying a house right now.
  • Buying a shirt right now.
  • Buying the specific item you're selling, right now etc.

Are You Making This Mistake?

Most companies make their profits by only focussing on group 1 - the people who want to buy now. This is where they meet their customers. And it's the only group they sell to.

They manage to stay profitable by selling to the 3% of people who want to buy their product right now. So that is all they do.

But what about the other 97%? Imagine how much extra sales you could make if you knew how to bring groups 2, 3 and 4 up the triangle and sell to them as well? That would be an increase from selling to 3% of the market vs. being able to sell to 70% of the market.

What do you think this would do to your sales figures? You would have a huge increase in sales. Even better, you can use this strategy to make your customers be more loyal, respect your more, reduce price shoppers and even make your customers trust you more...

A Smarter Way Of Selling Has Arrived

The way to approach selling is to start at the bottom of the triangle, and lift your customers upwards.

First of all, we'd deal with group 5. These are the people who will never buy your product. They may already have the product, or not like it or actually have a reason not to buy it (e.g. they are allergic to the ingredients in your product etc). So we skip group 5 only. They're the 30% who will never buy and so marketing to these people is not a good use of time.

Next we need to take groups 4, 3, and 2. This is a total of 67% of the entire market, who can be taught why they need to buy from you. We will take these groups of people and move them up the triangle.

We will lift them up over the action limit so they become buyers of your product.

The Action Limit

The action limit is the level where a prospect becomes actively interested in buying your product. It's the limit where the customer is activated and decides to buy.

The idea is to meet your prospect much earlier (when they're in group 4 at the lower end of the triangle). Then you can take your prospect up towards the action limit.

After that, you carry on bringing them upwards until you take them past the action limit. This automatically makes your prospect take action, and buy your product.

It's important to do this because people will only buy when THEY are ready to buy. Not when YOU want them to buy.

People will only buy when THEY are ready to buy & not when YOU want them to buy!

But you can help to move them from 'ignorance' to making an 'educated buying decision'...

How To Walk Your Prospect Up The 'Buy Now' Triangle

It's important to meet people when they are in the group 4 stage of the triangle. Group 4 people believe they're not interested in your product. So you can't really focus on selling your product when talking to group 4 people.

Let's use a chiropractor as an example.

Imagine if a chiropractor approached group 4 people, with a report titled 'How To Find A Good Chiropractor'. That will not interest them - because they are not looking for a chiropractor. It may however, appeal to group 2 people, who may be looking for a chiropractor very soon.

In order to appeal to group 4 people, we need to go as broad as possible.

A report titled '7 Weird Things That Cause Back Pain' is something that would have a much broader appeal.

It's important to know that providing value with your best education is always better then your best marketing. People will come and stay to listen to your message if they feel you are genuinely educating them.

But if they feel you are marketing to them, they will not stay as long.

So your best strategy is to market to people using genuine education. You can be completely up front and provide the best information. Especially if you teach them things they didn't know. This makes you look like an expert.

Then, towards the end of your teaching, you can introduce a product that solves all the problems and performs all the solutions in one easy movement.

Here's a step by step example...

Poor Marketing vs. Super Smart Marketing

A chiropractor with poor marketing would say 'Come And See The Best Chiropractic Service In Town!'... But this would only appeal to group 1 of the triangle - the top 3% of people who want to buy chiropractic services right now.

It wouldn't appeal to anyone else though.

A super-smart chiropractor would have a report titled 'Here's 7 Weird Things That Cause Back Pain & 3 Long Term Cures You Would Never Think To Try'. That would appeal to groups 4,3,2 and 1 in the buy now triangle.

So now, you're appealing to a full 70% of all potential customers.

Then the chiropractor would use hard facts and data to teach the 7 things that cause back pain (sitting down for long periods at work, driving in an awkward position, constant poor posture due to weakened back muscles and so on).

Next he'd teach the top 3 cures to the reader, and perhaps also show a small back exercise they could try at home, for immediate temporary relief.

Finally, he'd reveal that the best way to do all three of these cures at once with more permanent results, is to see an SOT qualified chiropractor. Next, he'd talk a little about what he does and how, why he is different from other chiropractors, and then top his service off with a money back guarantee etc.

Do you see how this works?

You appealed to someone who was in group 4 and previously believed they weren't interested. Then you provided value and stair-stepped their knowledge with smart, useful info which they could use right away (even if they didn't buy your service).

You also highlighted problems they didn't know existed. Problems motivate us humans way more then solutions, so your audience is now much more likely to search for a solution to their problem.

This slowly brings people from group 4, to group 3, then up to group 2 and so on.

Finally you presented a solution (your service) that is the 'all in one' fix. This will bring the audience up into the group 1 category. And they will buy now, from you because you are the assumed 'obvious expert' because you taught them all this new information.

By using the 'buy now triangle' strategy, you're educating the buyer and putting their needs first.

You also showing the buyer that you're:

  • Able to be more trusted
  • An expert in the field
  • More giving and understanding then your competitors
  • A respectable source in your specific field
  • Giving away real value that the prospect can use.

It also gives you more influence in front of your prospect.

You Have So Much More Appeal To A Wider Audience

You've now appealed to a broader audience (groups 4,3 and 2) and turned them into way more group 1 'I want to buy now' customers then you would have done before...

The result is more sales in your organisation without much additional spending. You also have a much more dynamic method of attracting customers - because it can be used in so many different ways.

It's also easier to make appointments to see buyers when you tell them you have some research showing 'The 4 Main Reasons That Restaurants Fail & The 6 Ways To Protect Against Them Forever'.

You'll be able to set many more meetings and grow sales by as much as 9 times, when you use the correct approach to the buy now triangle.

We use this exact method when we want to make a serious difference to a clients revenue. We've gotten it down to an art. In fact, we can now build a sales education around the 'buy now triangle' with such precision, that we can be 90%+ sure it will increase sales.

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