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"Did You Know That Revenue & Profit Are Both Side Effects Of Delivering Value?"

See How To Drive More Revenue Towards Your Company & Make Sure Everyone In Your Company Knows This Too...

By Michael Maven

We often find that business owners donít understand how to express what exactly generates revenue for their companies.

Although they're often making good money themselves, they're only able to explain the technical aspects of making money.

But what about the strategical overview of what actually drives revenue and profits towards their company?

We find it helps if we're all crystal clear about what exactly drives revenue towards our companies.

The Revenue/Value Connection

Do you know what moves money into your company? When you do, itís much easier to devise a strategical and tactical approach to maximising that process.

The end result is that more revenue is driven towards your company accounts giving you the freedom to do so much more for your customers.

The thing with revenue and generating a profit is that many people see money as something which they Ďgetí.

ĎGetí is basically saying Ďtakeí.

So money is generally seen as something you receive from someone else.

So naturally, when owners, executives, staff members and people in general set out to make money, they run in to a common problem.

They all start off with a mindset where they ask themselves, how can they Ďgetí a certain amount of money from other people? And what can they do to Ďgetí a certain amount of money from another person?

This is a very very dangerous mindset to start out with.

Revenue = Value. That Is All.

In reality, revenue is actually a physical representation for the amount of value, which you have provided to somebody else. It is a by-product of providing value to others.

Revenue is generated, not received.

Consider money as an object, or a unit, which shows how much value you have provided to others. That is an ideal way to view money.

Read that last paragraph again Ė itís really important.

This is not information, which many people know, or even think about.

And the reason for this is that only people who consciously and actively provide true value (and therefore generate good revenue), know this information. And even worse, those who know this simple definition rarely take the time to explain this concept properly, or release this information publicly.

Think about the people that you know who have a lot of money. The chances are these people provide a lot of value to others.

They may provide value TO their employers. Or they may provide value to people VIA their employers (or even for their own company).

You will also notice that the more value they provide to others, the more money they have personally.

And the larger the group of people who have received their value, the more money they will personally have.

Revenue is actually a physical representation for the amount of value, which you have provided to somebody else.

It is a by-product of providing value to others.

The pattern is not a coincidence.

It's a rule for anyone who has money (or anyone who wants money). That money which they have, will be there as a result of someone providing value to others.

So why are we telling you this?

Well think about what you or your company does, to generate money.

Ask yourself - are you providing true, genuine value to other people? We hope so. But if you want to maximise revenue, you have to explore how exactly you can provide more value to your prospects and your current customers too.

This will increase conversion rates and also keep customers coming back, time and again. Thatís part of what we do for you.

Important: Don't Wait To Get Paid Either, Just Be First!

The other thing to remember is not to wait until money is exchanged before you start to provide value. It makes a much better impression when your prospects and customers feel as if they are receiving the value first.

It also activates the reciprocity factor. That means when you do something good for someone, they feel as if they will want to do something good for you. And it doesn't need to cost you anything either.

In today's world, itís very easy to create an educational resource or even an informational tool. And that can easily go above and beyond what your competitors are doing in your marketplace, in order to educate potential customers on the value of your specific service.

In our own businesses, we often hire content writers and designers to create free presentations and all sorts of informational products, at a low cost.

These can then be given away to prospects as a value delivery method. This then positions us as the expert in the field and much more.

Even giving information out in person, or over the phone can be a great help to people who will then be thankful to your company.

You can do this too, at a very low cost, considering the potential rewards.

The end result will be that your customers respect you much more, and you will also see a boost in revenue.

This is something you've got to do, right from the start of your relationship with new customers.

Don't wait to be paid.

Everyone in your company should know this definition of providing value, first.

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