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"What Exactly Is ‘Paleo Marketing’ & How Can It Help To
Grow A Company?"

The Behaviour Of Our Ancestors Affects Marketing Today. If You Understand This Concept, Your Marketing Will Produce 10X More Results...

By Michael Maven

When we first invented the concept of Paleo Marketing, we explained the idea to three current clients who were already interested in measurably growing profits.

We implemented Paleo Marketing as marketing message improvements. We were then able to show proven results.

Paleo Marketing improved the bottom line profits of all 3 clients.

Below we’ll reveal exactly how the Paleo Marketing concept affects your marketing, and even how people spend money.

Paleo Marketing History

Paleo Marketing is an idea that comes from the behaviour engrained in us during the Paleolithic period - around 10,000 years ago. It actually provides a basis for why we do certain things today. And if you understand why we took certain actions in the past, you can influence the outcome of future human behaviour.

In the 1960’s a neuroscientist called Paul MacLean came up with the triune brain model. It explained how our brains were split into three areas. The reptilian brain is our autopilot brain. The mammal brain deals with emotions. And the human brain, which deals with higher levels of thought, like language and imagination.

The Triune Brain model shows how our brain has evolved over the years.

Each one of these brain sections is like a newly developed ‘additional‘ brain. We developed them over thousands of years, as we evolved from basic animals into smarter thinking human beings. But the most fascinating thing is that we are still controlled by our most basic ’lizard’ brain.

We Still Jump When We're Afraid

There is proof that we're still controlled by our lizard brain. For example, if you’re watching a firework display, a loud explosion might make you jump. Even though you’re not in any actual danger, you can't help to jump when you’re alarmed.

This happens because 10,000 years ago, if there was a physical threat, you had to react fast to run away. If you didn't you may be eaten by a big tiger etc. So the ‘reptilian’ part of your brain is always on the lookout for danger, and if it sees a threat, it will react and get
you away - fast.

This is a behaviour you can’t switch off.

It's important to remember that your brain still works in the same way today, as it did thousands of years ago.

How Does This Apply To Marketing?

Ask yourself, were you ever taught to jump when you were scared? No you weren't. In fact, newborn babies do the exact same thing. They didn't learn that behaviour. The reptilian brain forces us to jump when we’re alarmed. This behaviour is ingrained into our bodies. You can’t escape it. No matter what you do, your brain will always try to keep you away from danger and pain.

This is actually a super clear insight into every human brain on Earth.

Now, being able to see a tiny glimpse into every human mind is very useful. Why? Because we’re trying to sell to human beings. Of course, there are other things that are engrained into our bodies and brains too.

If we can identify them, we can use them to market to people, and influence their decisions. That's the idea of Paleo Marketing.

So the ‘reptilian’ part of your brain is always on the lookout for danger, and if it sees a threat, it will react and get
you away - fast.

This is a behaviour you can’t switch off.

We're Ruled By Basic Human Needs

So we've learnt that some needs are engrained in us from birth. For example, the need to reproduce still exists in us. Although today, this need can present itself as the need to find a sexual partner. Whichever way you look at it, you can't deny that this need exists in every healthy adult.

How does that translate to services that we can purchase? Well, it is the reason that dating services will always be appealing, no matter what the economy looks like. And if you understand this, you can increase the strength of your marketing message and the value of your dating brand.

Paleo Marketing also allows us to stack up the basic human needs, to discover what other commercial areas can be popular.

For example, from our tribal days 10,000 years go, we’ve learnt that it’s very beneficial for us to be seen as part of the tribe. If we weren't, we could end up on our own, be seen as an outsider of the group and be rejected by other members of the tribe.

10,000 years ago, this meant we would be left to fend for ourselves.

If that happened, we would also probably starve and be hunted by a predator (staying alive is also another human need). So it was very important to us to be seen as part of the tribe.

In today's world, this comes in the form of us needing social approval.

Do You See The Big Connection?

We constantly look for approval from our family, friends and society in general.

With Paleo Marketing, if you stack up the need to find a sexual partner with the need for societal approval it can lead us to another commercial opportunity - the weight loss market. In fact, studies have shown that many people who are trying to lose weight do so because they are not happy with what others might think of their weight. Another reason people try to lose weight is to attract a partner.

Just like before, if you understand the concept of Paleo Marketing then you can use it to tighten up the strength of your communication. You can also build a better connection to motivate potential customers in the weight loss market, to buy products and services.

This can all be used to measurably improve your company performance, with results being provided much faster than before.

This is the kind of marketing process we apply for our clients. It's a more sophisticated approach then most people would use.

When you approach marketing like this, it produces measurable results. We always test old marketing efforts with our newly created pieces, and the results speak for themselves. This is not theory - the results are measurable.

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