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"Could Fasting Be The Miracle Cure & Help To Grow A Business?"

Is It Possible To Optimise Our Eating To Live A 'Disease Free' Life, Increase Our Brain Power & Improve Business Profits?

By Michael Maven

Did you know that the way you eat can help you live longer and may also increase your brain capacity? This is extremely important for business owners looking to hit their peak performance.

It can also reduce the risk of many major diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even strokes.

Our team sat and watched 'BBC Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer'.

Some of the information there was simply incredible.

As people who work with business optimisation on a daily basis, we're also very interested in human body chemistry, and optimising our way to healthier life. If we can do that we'll be perfectly suited to be the best in business too.

So in the TV show, they started out by investigating why some people like Fauja Singh can compete in multiple marathons when he is over 100 years old. He claims the secret is not his actual diet, but in reduced portions size. He would eat approx. half the amount of normal meal, for every meal of the day.

He has actually unknowingly been testing a new scientific theory, all his life. Our health is not determined by what we eat, but how we eat it.

Food Restriction = Living Longer?

During the 1930's, the great depression took place. Food was scarce. But between 1929 - 1933 (the worst of the great depression), life expectancy grew by 6 years.

During the same time, nutritionists at Cornell university discovered that if you severely restrict an animals diet, they live much longer.

Now laboratory studies of human calorie restrictors (CRONIES) are showing that calorie restriction to 75% of the recommend daily intake can also have beneficial results in people too. It includes cutting out alcohol and fat, but it reduces body and stomach fat. That's what increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Prolonging Life: The Man Made Way

In mice, a low level of Insulin Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) helps them live longer. Some humans born with this low level of IGF1 (called Laron Syndrome) seem to be immune to diabetes and cardiovascular disease etc. It seems when your body produces low levels of IGF1, you're also immune to many high risk diseases.

IGF1 causes our cells to divide. But when IGF1 levels drop, the body slows production of new cells, and starts REPAIRING existing cells instead. Damaged DNA is more likely to get fixed.

Cells grow and divide faster under the increased
amount of IGF1 in the body..

Protein has actually been found to cause our bodies to produce more IGF1. This helps our bodies grow faster.

How To Reduce Our IGF1 Levels

Studies have shown eating less helps. But it's not enough. We need to slightly reduce our protein levels. The quickest way to do this is with fasting.

3 days and 4 nights of fasting is a drastic, but successful way to reduce our IGF1 levels - by around 50% in fact. But we don't need to go overboard by doing something so difficult.

The Easier Way To Reduce IGF1 Levels

An alternate day fasting (ADF) diet is when you rotate a fasting day with a feeding day. On the fasting day you'd eat a single 'half portion' of food for lunch (around 550 calories). But on the feeding day you can eat ANYTHING you want. Yes, anything..!

This has shown to reduce bad LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides which can cause heart disease. It also lowers blood pressure, which can cause heart issues.

As long as you stick to the calorie goals on the fasting day, the feeding day diet really doesn't matter. In fact, 2 groups of people were compared. One group ate a high fat diet on their feeding days. The other group ate low fat diets on their feeding days.

The expected result was that the high fat diet eaters would see spikes in their cholesterol etc. BUT this didn't happen. Both groups of people saw similar decrease in bad LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides etc.

On the fasting day you'd eat a single 'half portion' of food for lunch (around 550 calories).

But on the feeding day you can eat ANYTHING you want. Yes, anything..!

So it doesn't matter whether you eat a high fat or low fat diet on the feeding days.

Also, on feeding days, people only ate a little more then they would usually eat - not double what they usually eat. This means you probably wont eat all the calories you missed out on during the fasting day before.

Fasting To Increase Brain Power

An experiment was done on mice. They were genetically engineered to develop memory issues in later life. The mice were tested to see how well they remember where they previously found food.

If they are given a high fat and high sugar diet, they are affected by memory loss around 4 months earlier in their lives. This is around the age of 40 in human years.

But when they are put on a ADF diet, something amazing happens. They develop memory problems 6 months to 1 year LATER then the other mice. This is the equivalent of developing memory problems 30 years later, in a human.

Upon analysis of the mouse brains, they saw that predictable periods of hunger caused a higher number of neurons to grow in the brain.

More intelligent: Bouts of hunger caused the mice to grow more
neurons in their brains.

The theory is that this happens is due to evolution. As we evolved, it would benefit us to have an increased brain capacity if we were hungry. This would then help us to remember where to find food when we needed it.

Fasting seems to stimulate the brain to grow more neurons, as we stop eating. It's just like how muscles get stressed when we exercise - and then they grow back stronger.

ADF seems to have a better effect on the brain in mice. Human tests still need to be carried out, but the research should definitely interest you, as a business owner looking to perform at a peak level.

Business Is Not Just About 'Business'

If you want to be successful in business, you need to be able to handle the pace. You should know as much as possible about keeping your body and mind in the optimum state.

This will help you to perform on a level that other people in business can only dream of.

You'd run rings around your competition and they won't know how you're doing it. Imagine having more energy, higher levels of concentration and an increased ability to focus. Then imagine teaching your team exactly how to do the same thing.

If you had all of this, do you think the results would show in your business? Of course it would.

Managing Your Future Time & Energy

As time goes on, all of us will have more and more of our time being taken up with 'things to do'. So naturally, our 'to do' lists will grow as time progresses. The amount on our plates will only increase.

How will you cope with that? The successful entrepreneur of the future will start managing their future energy and time starting now.

But will you be that successful entrepreneur of the future?

Or will you be one of the thousands of business owners who get complacent? Will you be resting on your laurels? Do you think you don't need to adapt for the future? And will you stand aside and simply hope that you get lucky enough to still be managing a successful business in the future?

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