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"Watch How This Awesome Envelope 'Split Test' Actually Boosted Response By 53%"

See The Steps We Used To Boost Response Of A Mail Drop - Without Touching A Single Sales Letter...

By Michael Maven

A company came to us wanting to improve the conversion rates of their mail shots. At the time, they were getting lower responses after making a few 'super soft' changes to their old campaign.

Here are the details of the 'stage 1' tests that we ran for them.

We ended up improving conversions by 50% during stage 1 - and that was

without even touching their (awful) sales letter!

Split Testing & How It Can Help You Grow Your Business

Split testing definitely falls under the category of 'simple things business owners can do to increase revenue, but which they never actually do'.

Even those who do have a go, only generally have a weak attempt at it. But it's so powerful when you do it right.

Split testing is when you test one version of something against another version, in order to improve conversions - like this:

A/B Split Test: You can see 'Page A' made 9 sales vs. 'Page B'  which
made 23 sales. So 'Page B' is the more profitable page to use.

Let's say we have 200 people who view our sales material. That means In the picture above, 100 people saw 'Page A'. And 100 people saw 'Page B'.

So each page had the same number of viewers BUT:

  • 'Page A' made 9 sales and 9/100 = 9% conversion rate.
  • 'Page B' made 23 sales and 23/100 = 23% conversion rate.

So our split test shows that 'Page B' has a higher conversion rate. So we know that 'Page B' is a more profitable page to show our potential customers.

In the example above, let's say one sale was worth 100.

After 100 visitors per page, that means:

  • 'Page A' made revenue of 100 * 9 = 900.
  • 'Page B' made revenue of 100 * 23 = 2,300.

So 'Page B' made 1,400 more then 'Page A'. That is a boost in revenue of around 155%. All found because of one tiny split test. We often measure this in 'earnings per click' (EPC).

So now you know the importance of split testing!

But most businesses don't carry out split tests.

They simply carry on using their version of 'Page A' which could easily be improved, if only they used someone like us to help them do it, and be more profitable.

It's those little strategies which secretly help you beat your competition.

Small and easy tests like these can be carried out in ANY business. And we can make many small improvements like this, which all add up to huge boosts in revenue.

We Were Asked To Improve Sales

As we mentioned, we were approached by a company who wanted to improve the sales of their postal mailing campaigns. They actually asked us to look at their sales letter.

We took a look and it was terrible. The sales letter had no urgency to respond, was laid out incorrectly, didn't guarantee anything, had no sign of a useful unique sales proposition and was making all the classic mistakes that companies tend to make.

But then the company seemed quite astonished when we asked to see the envelope that the sales letter is sent out in.

They failed to see how that was relevant.

Now, we've had clients like this in the past, and know how this story turns out. So we explained that a good sales letter is useless unless the envelope gets opened.

So 'Page B' made 1,400 more then 'Page A'. That is a boost in revenue
of around 155%. All because of one tiny split test...
Also, today, people are super busy and tend to sort their mail standing over a bin.

So you need to grab their attention early and be seen.

The Envelope Split Test

As we feared, the envelope they were using to send out their sales letter was just as bad as the sales letter. No wonder they weren't getting a good response to their mailings...

So we decided to start with the envelope.

Below is a reconstruction of the envelope split test we ran for this client.

Each test was with 1,000 pieces sent in the post.

We usually like to test so we receive a minimum of 20 measured responses - these did not receive that number. So we wouldn't call these tests strictly 'scientifically accurate' and there is still room for improvement (by running more mailings).

But these tests did improve the overall response.

Have a look below.

Envelope 1 (their existing version - otherwise knows as the control):

Envelope 1: The control - this is the envelope we had to beat.

The above envelope is what our client was currently sending out. It was our 'control' envelope, and is basically the envelope that has the current response we need to beat.

If I was opening my own mail, I would never open anything like the above envelope. It is clearly promotional, and I know I'm not interested in buying what it is offering.

I'd put that straight in the bin (and it seemed, many other people did too)...

Envelope 2 - Removing The Flashy Graphics & Company Logos:

Envelope 2: Removed the flashy graphics and promo material.

For the above envelope, we removed all the flashy graphics. We also removed the company logo and anything official looking. It now looked like a more traditional piece of mail which didn't look as promotional as the last envelope.

This envelope was also cheaper to send out, as it didn't have to be pre printed.

This envelope lifted results, but very slightly. There was plenty more improvement to be made.


Envelope 3: Against our advice, the owner added some promotional text,
and the response rate dropped once more.

For envelope 3 above, the owner suggested that we added the words 'wake up and see the world' on the front of the envelope. We told him we weren't keen on this, but we tried it anyway.

As predicted, response dropped once more, as this was a promotional element added back on to the envelope.


Envelope 4: Changed the printed address to a blue, handwriting font. This
helped to boost response rates.

For the envelope above, we decided to make the front of the envelope look as personal as possible. In order to do this, we used a handwriting font for the address.

This lifted results once more, but the personal effect was not complete.


Envelope 5: A live stamp was added in the top right hand corner.

For envelope 5 above, we added a live stamp in the top right corner of the envelope. This had a huge lift in response, and the offer was converting at almost 39% better then our
control (envelope 1).

Envelope 6: Winner! This envelope pulled almost 53% more buyers than our
control envelope earlier (envelope 1).

The final test above was envelope 6. For this test, we combined all the winning elements from our previous tests.

We also added another personal touch to the envelope - a gold foil return address sticker' on the top left of the letter. This had a personal style address on it.

This made the letter look like it was from a friend. No one would throw away such a letter, and a lot more of them got opened.

Compared to the control (envelope 1), this new envelope boosted response by almost 53%!

This was a huge increase! That is a difference of receiving 10 sales before, and now receiving 15 sales - all with hardly any noticeable costs.

There Are Limits

Although we managed to boost response by over 50%, there are a few limits to scaling this idea up.

Firstly, the live stamps have to be added by hand. The same goes for the return address labels.

If we were to roll this out to a 200,000 piece, monthly mail drop, we'd need to think about how to scale that upwards.

However, with a 50% additional response, I'm sure we could cover the costs of hiring the additional staff to get these pieces out in the mail.

We understand a good worker can get 12k stamps done in a single day... So it would definitely be possible in either case.

So now you've seen the power of split testing. A 53% boost in response is no joke. The next step is to improve the sales letter.

The combination of improving both the envelope and a poor sales letter can literally mean double the previous response.

And that is all without any major expenses.

If you feel like split testing can help your business, you should know it's really only just a single technique we use to improve business revenue.

It literally is a single standalone method. There is so much more you can do to grow your business revenue and make sure competitors can never get close to competing with you again.

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