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"Do You Know The Difference Between Killer Strategies Vs. Tactics & How To Use Them Properly?"

Most Business People Are Tactical. But You Actually Get Ahead With Strategy. Here's The Difference & How You Can Use It To Beat Your Competition...

By Michael Maven

Do you think the previous 5 years of your life have been the most busiest years of your life?

Do you think the next 5 years will see you get any less busier?

Not a chance.

As times go on, you'll probably be busier then ever.

Do you think your energy levels will go up the more busier you get? Probably not. So far, the resource that you've been using to deal with being super busy, is time.

If you're very busy then you spend more time working. If business gets tougher, then you work more hours.

But what's the problem with using time to work longer hours? That's right - time is limited resource. You only have 168 hours in a week. That is not going to increase.

But your life is getting busier and busier - so what's the answer? You need to manage your business so you are getting MORE RESULTS out of the SAME HOURS that you put in.

This calls for a strategical approach.

You're Currently Outnumbered - But What Should You Do About It?

Think about all the competing businesses out there right now. You’re probably outnumbered then to one. Ten more similar companies are all fighting for the same customers as you.

How do you win? Can you work 10 times as hard as you are now? No way. That is a tactical approach. Then how do you deal with it? We need a more strategic approach.

There's a good chance that your company doesn't involve much strategy in your daily decisions.

There may be no overall 'high level' structure controlling the way your business moves forward. There will likely be far too many tactical moves as well. That can mean huge problems for your business and you may not even see them.

What Is A Strategy?

A strategy is the broader overall aim you are trying to achieve. It is the 'high level' overall direction of your company and they way people think about your company, in the long term.

It's basically using concepts and ideas to position yourself and the way that people look at your company.

You can use strategies to outsmart your competition so you do less work but still get better results. One example of doing this is using the 'Buy Now Triangle' method of selling.

Do you ever even think about long term strategies for your company? Are you consciously creating and building these views about your company? I'm guessing not.

That's because only around 1 in 166 (0.6%) of business people think strategically. These are usually executives who are interested in the overall performance of a company. They are the ones who come up with the 'big ideas'.

They not usually interested in the specific tools used to make things happen. They don't perform very well with general tactics either. They are very important in creating the future performance and goals of a company.

An example is someone who is trying to help sales people overcome the problem of not being able to get enough sales appointments. A strategical thinker would realign his sales people to be sales advisors. They could then deliver content rich advisory packages which would then increase their sales appointments.

The tactical thinker will usually decide to work smarter, not harder..

What Is A Tactic?

A tactic is the end action you take or which is produced. It's the grunt work that you do in order to get a short term gain.

It can be a marketing piece, sales material, articles you write a banner you create or even your phone scripts.

Around 99% of business people think tactically. These people are the 'creator type' people that do the work that gets things done.

They don't usually even understand strategy, and aren't even aware that strategical thinking exists. They are very important in making the detailed things happen at the front end of the business.

An example is someone who is trying to double the revenue of a company. They would immediately think of doubling the number of sales people to double the number of sales calls - which (they believe) would double the revenue of the company.

The tactical thinker will usually decide to work harder not smarter..

Introducing The Business Master

In many companies, a strategical executive may work with an executive tactician to produce good results. But there is a level above that you can reach...

A business master is someone who understands strategical moves. They also understand the tactics used to achieve those strategies and actually know how to make those changes within the company.

This type of person is extremely rare, and is around 1 in 250 (0.4%) of all business people.

This is the person you should aim to become.

You want to be the strategist, who comes up with the overall great 'long term' ideas for your company. Then you should think about the details and 'short term' tactics that you need to install in order to make those strategies a reality, within your business.

How To Become The Business Master

To make it easier for you to become strategic AND tactical, you need to start by making a list of things you want for your business, in the long term. These are the strategies.

Some of these questions are:
  • How do you want customers to see you, in your marketplace?
  • How should competitors see you in your marketplace?
  • What is the overall position you want in your marketplace?
  • What should people think about your company?

Your answers will be the overall strategic position that you want for your company.

Once you have those answers you will need to think about the tactics you need to make those company strategies a reality.

Specifically, you need to ask yourself:

  • What tactics do you need to practice so that your strategic position becomes a reality?
  • Do your current tactics need to be changed?
  • Pick a single strategy - how do your tactics support that strategic position?
  • Which current tactic matches up to a position that you want?
  • Can you have a single tactic that achieves more than one single position?

Let's show you an example.

Here's How It's Done In The Real World

We can start with an example of some overall 'long term' strategic positions you may like for your company:

  • Be seen as the experts in your field.
  • Have strong brand loyalty.
  • Make sure competitors can't take away your customers.
  • Build maximum trust in your company.
  • Activate a high number of referrals to your company.
  • Stop customers from price comparing.
  • Have the most credibility in the market.
  • Be the most respected provider in your field.
  • Make customers take action sooner.
  • Build a genuine relationship between customers and your company.

It's Time Your Asked Yourself!

Take a look at the list above.

Do you currently focus on any of those objectives? Are you building any of those positions in your company - ON PURPOSE?

Most people are not. But if you do focus on your strategy like this, you will be a much stronger company and beat your competition with supreme strategical positioning.

Next, we need to focus on the individual tactics that will help us achieve the strategic positions in the list from above. Let's take the first objective from above - how to be seen as experts in the field.

What can we say to a customer to make them understand that we are the experts in the field? And when would we let them know this?

Do you currently focus on any of those objectives? Are you building any of those positions in your company - ON PURPOSE?

Here's How It Would Work For An Italian Restaurant

Let's say we are an Italian restaurant and we want customers to know we are the experts in the field.

The Italian Restaurant: Watch as we position a restaurant
strategically, using accurate and purpose built tactics.

We would train all our sales people i.e. our wait staff to tell this story to each customer, every time they came into the restaurant.

So when the waiter, Vincenzo, seats a new customer, he could begin to tell them a little about the restaurant, and how:

  • Our first restaurant opened in 1928 in Florence, Italy.

Telling new customers in the restaurant that one line would give people an idea that we are the genuine authentic experts in our field of serving real Italian food.

But if we wanted to make that stronger and also meet our other strategic positions we can also tell the customer that:

  • We're a real Italian restaurant still using authentic Italian recipe's.
  • Our recipe's really were passed down from generation to generation.
  • We serve classic Italian favourite dishes as eaten in small village homes in Italy.
  • Genuine organic Italian spices are hard to find, so we import our own, from Italy.
  • We like to think of you as part of our family when you come here.
  • We only cook with the freshest natural ingredients that we have delivered each morning from the local organic farmers market.
  • If you have any questions or you want to learn our recipe's, we are happy to answer you or even show you how some of our tasty dishes are prepared.
  • We do open tours of our kitchen where you can see our chef's preparing the food and cooking away happily.
  • We serve real Italian fine wines, many of which are not often found outside of Italy.

Now imagine if a waiter took 2 minutes to tell you everything above when you were first seated at their restaurant. How does hearing all of that information make you feel? Wouldn't you just be happy to be at a restaurant like that? I would!

Now just COMPARE THAT to a competitor's Italian restaurant where you walked in, got seated and the waiter said "Hi, my names John, what can I get you to drink?".

Doesn't it make the world of difference?

This is the difference between being strategic and tactical. It is the secret to how to control your customers and make them fall in love with your business.

Do you currently do this in your business? Are you doing this on purpose? Do you do this systematically for your company? Is someone in your organisation keeping an eye on this? Are you staying updated with new strategies and tactics for your company?

You should be!

This Is How We Get Our Clients To Crush Their Competition

When you market using strategy before tactics, you become a unique type of business. It truly is working smarter instead of harder. It's really focussing 'on' your business and not working 'in' your business.

The idea is to really serve your customer. You have to know more than your competitors and you have to show it too.

This is usually easy because most of your competition will be using tactics to sell their products instead of using strategic positioning to be seen as the experts.

Every time we're installed this technique into a company we've always trashed the competition.

Even better, we can openly continue to position ourselves as the experts and the competition still can't see why they're eating our dust, and how our clients are getting so far ahead.

Does this sound a little strange? We hope so! But read on...

We don't understand business methods like this, out of pure luck. We know the model because we've researched and studied a lot of different materials and spent a lot of time testing ideas in the real world.

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You see, most business owners simply don't 'get' marketing, advertising and sales.

They're too busy working 'in' the business. We help them focus 'on' the business, by using strategies like we taught you above. Most business owners simply don't understand how to take control of their market and make customers come to them.

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